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Ground Loop Systems

Horizontal Loop - Vertical Loop - Pond or Lake Loop

geothermal ground loop system - horizontalHorizontal Loop

Horizontal loops are the most common type of loop system, and are commonly used in rural areas due to the land space needed for installation. An excavator will dig several trenches about six feet deep in the ground, each one up to 300 feet long. Our green geothermal pipe is placed in the trenches which are then backfilled with soil.


geothermal ground loop system - verticalVertical Loop

Vertical loops are primarily used in urban areas because they require little land space for installation. A specially designed geothermal drilling rig bores vertical holes into the ground each ranging from 250 to 300 feet deep. Our green geothermal pipe is inserted into each vertical bore and then the holes are filled with bentonite grout.


geothermal ground loop system - pond or lake

Pond or Lake Loop

On properties that have a nearby lake or pond that is appropriate in size and eight feet deep, a loop system can be submerged at the bottom of the body of water. A single trench is excavated from the home to the water and typically two pipes are inserted into it. These two pipes connect to several green geothermal pipes that are submerged at the bottom of the lake or pond.