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Solar Harmony Thin Film Panels

Solar Harmony Thin Film Panel

The only product of its kind, GeoSmart’s Solar Harmony Thin Film Panels offer a superior alternative to traditional mono-crystalline solar panels generating a 10-20% higher energy yield.

These attractive photovoltaic (PV) panels flush mount to the roof, maximize available roof space and generate increased energy output even under partially-shaded conditions thanks to their cutting edge massive parallel configuration. The end result is a reduction in material costs and installation time, and most importantly, an increased return on investment.


Solar Harmony Inverter

Solar Harmony Inverter

GeoSmart’s Solar Harmony Inverter maximizes the energy output from our Solar Harmony Thin Film Panels using ultra low voltage inverter technology.

Setting a new benchmark for system safety, the inverter eliminates high DC voltage hazards often associated with photovoltaic (PV) systems and safely converts the energy to AC.

The flexible design of our Solar Harmony Inverter makes it compatible with all solar module technologies including thin film, crystalline and concentrated PV.