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How Geothermal Heating and Cooling Works

Using the Sun's Energy

Throughout the year, almost 50% of the sun’s energy is absorbed into the earth where it maintains a consistent temperature just a few feet below the ground’s surface. Geothermal technology takes advantage of this constant renewable energy source by combining a series of loops installed outside underground with a heat pump system inside that looks very similar to a conventional furnace. This combination of high performance technology allows us to tap into the earth’s natural heating and cooling properties to consistently and evenly distribute warm or cool air in your home or office throughout each season.

An environmentally friendly antifreeze solution or pure water carries energy directly from the closed or open loop system into the heat pump inside your home or office. In the winter, the heat pump acts as a furnace, distributing the heat throughout your home using the system’s heat exchanger and compressor. In the summer, it acts as an air conditioner, collecting the heat from your home and distributing it into your domestic hot water tank or back into the earth through the loop system.

Not only can a geothermal system provide you with year round indoor comfort, it can also provide inexpensive domestic hot water, supplementing or replacing your conventional domestic hot water heater.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the country or in the city, there is a geothermal solution that will work for every building type and every climate condition.


When it comes to geothermal installation, no one knows more about how to do it right than True Green Geothermal. Backed by extensive training, our Geothermal Specialists are skilled in selecting and installing the geothermal loop system best suited for your home or business regardless of the weather and soil conditions in your area.

Each loop system uses GeoSmart’s high density PE100 green geothermal pipe, the most resilient geothermal pipe available on the market today. Once inserted in the ground, the pipe leads into the foundation of building through a sleeve cemented into the wall and connects directly to your heat pump, bringing you years of worry-free, high performance renewable heating and cooling using the earth as a natural energy source.

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