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Premium G - Forced Air Comfort System

Premium G Forced Air System from True Green Geothermal

GeoSmart Energy’s Premium G® forced air systems feature advanced technology and innovative components setting a new standard for heating and cooling efficiency while providing you with exceptional energy savings. The Premium G® will meet all your heating, cooling and partial domestic hot water needs (optional) offering you years of worry-free comfort from the moment the system is installed.

Compactly packaged in an attractive blue and stainless steel cabinet, the Premium G® provides quiet, consistent and comfortable heating and cooling throughout every room in your home and offers superior humidity control. It can dramatically reduce your annual costs for heating and cooling by as much as 75% compared with conventional furnaces and air conditioners.

Designed to meet a wide range of home applications, it can easily be installed in both newly constructed and existing homes, regardless of what climate you live in.

Switching to a geothermal system like the Premium G® offers unprecedented benefits that conventional heating and air conditioning systems simply can’t match.


AHRI Certified, Energy Star

The GeoSmart Energy Premium G® is ARI Performance Certified® by the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute, is safety listed by ETL (Electronic Testing Laboratories) and exceeds performance standards fors the ENERGY STAR® rating.