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Hi-Wall Hot/Chilled Water Fan Coil

with wireless remote

Hi-wal hot/chilled water fan coilNo Refrigerant Handling

No need to charge with refrigerant because there are no refrigerant lines.

No Ductwork

Cooling with MultiAqua means running small, flexible water pipes into the space within the walls, without giving up square feet of usable living space to ductwork.

0% Duct Loss

Water lines carry the cooling capacity. This is a more efficient method of delivering rated capacity to all of the conditioned spaces day after day.

Zoned Cooling

With MultiAqua fan coils you condition only the space you desire, not the whole house as with traditional central air conditioning systems. This fact allows for diversity and load shifting when doing load and sizing calculations, initially reducing installed cost as well as ongoing operating costs.

Quiet Quality

The MultiAqua non-ducted fan coils have worldwide recognition for quiet, reliable operation and have a reputation for sleek, slim design. These fan coils have individual controls via infared remotes.